Fort Lauderdale Insurance Litigation

insurance litigation

While we have plenty of experience representing insurance companies, we no longer do so and have not done so for years. Instead, we use that experience in our representation of policyholders and their assignees in litigation against insurance companies. We have achieved tremendous success suing insurers for the improper denials of insurance claims and are known statewide for our work in this arena. Our partners have lectured and made presentations about insurance law before health care industry groups, judicial conferences, the Florida Senate and the Florida House of Representatives.

Our partners have handled thousands of claims on behalf of medical providers in the personal injury protection (PIP) context and have recovered millions of dollars in denied and improperly reduced benefits over the years. We are regularly asked to audit our clients’ accounts receivables to identify errors made by insurers in the adjusting process (there’s more than most people think!). Once those issues are identified and the losses quantified, we serve the offending insurers with statutory pre-suit demand letters required by Florida’s PIP law. When that does not do the trick, we take the next step and aggressively prosecute the claim in litigation. The best part, however, is that our work in this regard does not require our medical provider clients to come out of pocket. Florida’s PIP law says that when an insured or assignee provider must sue an insurance company to recover PIP benefits, the insurer pays our attorneys’ fees and costs in the event we win or settle. Although there may be some unusual situations from time to time where that’s not the case, our clients are regularly advised of all developments in every case and are given all information needed to make timely, informed decisions. The bottom line is that if we are not successful, we do not get paid. For us, this is a high-risk/high-reward practice that requires our A-game on every single case.